there is a time that exists
s o m e w h e r e
after the night has given herself to the daybreak
but before the day has shown us her cards
in a place where the windowpane nestles the wall
empty shadows & beckoning light play a serial game; catch-me-if-you-can

it is the greatest secret never told,
only i want to tell you because i need you to understand:
there are moments that happen, a billion times over, that none of us will ever see
like when the pea stops being a seed,
becomes both tendril and root in the very same breath

i’d rather paint you a song or sing you a picture
it would be more honest, more beautiful that way
but my voice has never kept the rhythms of my body
and there is already a heartbreakers song about running down one’s dreams

so too, are my weeping brush strokes always spilling their colors;
pencil, ink, acrylic; even the watercolors bleed
the truth is i don’t think any of it can do any of it any justice at all
for most, this is the closest we ever get

i’m not sure of this poem either; if it can describe to you fully
or in a way that will make it easy enough to understand-
because there isn’t anything easy about any of it, is there?

i keep trying though; keep going really..
because just as the day folds itself into the night
i too worry, about what would happen to me if i stopped

about this poem

this an ars poetica poem. ars poetica translates to ‘the art of poetry” and could be interpreted to mean ‘a poem about a poem’ or ‘a poem about poetry’. in this case, my poem is about art, about the incessant need some of us carry to create & communicate the deepest parts of ourselves; our experience of being alive… as elusive as a burgeoning pea seed most days…xo

4 responses to “folds”

  1. This makes me smile and think about my Dad, as he would try to capture the beauty of nature and humanity through the lens of a camera. I think he knew he never could but so enjoyed applying the effort in that pursuit. beautiful Stephanie!

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    1. i definitely thought of him here too 💓


  2. A lot of touching moments, almost like several poems in one… I totally related to the painting paragraph and the seed starting its new life…

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