i dreamt of you last night
well of us really

i dreamt i was in a yoga studio
only it wasn’t a studio
but a house
full of rooms
full of people
practicing yoga

i searched for you
looking every last person in the eye to be sure
asking the people behind each room’s desk
if any of these people were you
or if maybe they’d seen you
i’d forgotten to look

eventually i came to a room
it was full
so pleasantly & perfectly full
that there was only one patch of floor left
as my eyes draw to that space
i look to find
the space

so i make my way softly to you
and as i arrive i can feel your smiling
your bright eyes shining
beneath closed lids
i lie down beside you
no mat and with my jacket still on
i lie gently next to you
basking in your light
living the warmth of your peaceful & radiant vibration

i am saturated with gratitude
all of it

and as i come to open my eyes and rise to a seat
it is you
& your familiar smile who greet me there-
that smile
those eyes
they know more than most
and yet they are never not kind

and i marvel at you
at us
at this life
at the searching
at the knowing
at the love

it abounds
as it washes over us

and i wake
to smiling
to knowing
to love

that i will only ever know
as yours

sarah brown livesey
10.25.72 – 2.8.19
photo by emily sterne

authors note

one of my favorites, this piece started as a dream and ended as poem. it is about friendship and love, magical connections and spirited conversations; i wrote it in january of 2019 for my beloved friend & spiritual sister/guru, sarah livesey, but it feels mostly like we wrote it together. i’m forever grateful i was able to share it with her prior to her passing & also that i have the opportunity to share it here with you today.
thanks for reading xo, s.

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