always remember

WTC pencil & ink sketch 2021

last year, in time with the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, i listened to, ‘long shadow- 9/11’s lingering questions’- an 8-episode podcast by reporter and author garrett graff. it was a well done and disturbing yet beautiful depiction of what we all experienced in some way that fateful day, i as a twenty-year-old college kid in keene, new hampshire. when the podcast was over, i was so full of emotion and writing just wasn’t a viable outlet for my feelings at the time, so i created this piece instead; each line & star was drawn with intention and care, and inevitably a lot of emotion. all 2606 people who lost their lives in the twin towers that day are not just accounted for but honored here. it felt important i try my best to capture the points of impact on the buildings as well. ‘always remember’ is part of the artist’s registry of the 9/11 memorial & museum, which from their website is “an online database & digital gallery of artistic work created in response to the events of september 11.” visit for more.

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