(early) pandemic things

1st grade is canceled today, forever.
face masks & coverings, how civilized.
make-your-own, like this, with handkerchief & rubber bands
washable, disposable, worn inside, worn outside, 3 layers of litter.
safer-at-home, two weeks tops, by easter sounds nice, delusional.
lines for food, wait 6ft. apart, what will there be left?
lines for food boxes 20 miles long, i’ll take what you give me.
wash your hands, sanitize too
amazon packages & egg cartons may contain c o v i d.
front line workers, PPE, no surplus, no extra, no inventory
n-nine-fives, disposable gloves, single use, reused, all shift, tomorrow.
drive-by birthday parties, no concerts, no gathering, no masses to shoot at, our loved ones die alone.
‘we can’t breath’ civil rights, civil unrest,
peaceful-ish protests, GEORGE FLOYD is dead, BREONNA TAYLOR too, murdered.
no tests, then testing, testing, testing, 1, 2 and 3, rapid
contactless-curbside pick-up, scared to fly your friendless skies,
uber eats, support local, halloween’s not canceled.
bubbles, pods, zooms
euthanized meat animals, spoiled milk spills, 40 million hungry,
only in america.
high risk, autoimmune compromised, 65 & older
vaccinate, don’t- we’re just getting started,
you are now free to move about the country.


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  1. This resonates!

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