the vinyasa

inhale mountaintop soars from gnarled feet,
less tada! more { A S A N A }

exhale bound-toed ballerina leaps from
tree-lined train-tracked tight-rope,
exactly as she sounds, only better.

inhale place hands
exhale step beyond,
adho mukha svanasana
what did she just say? ‘adho mukha svanasana’
ahh okay, g’bless you.

inhale, you saw it coming,
more trouble than she’s worth-
chaturanga dandasana
lets plank for a bit & meet in 8-points-touching
we can exhale and gossip about her there.

inhale floating ballerina swallows, whole
ferocious garden snake with chest that
lifts and lowers,

through arms that hold and legs that bend, inhale
exultation, dog
breathe walk
breathe lift
breathe let go

watch closely here or you’ll miss it:
snake-dog-ballerina girl rewinds to tight lipped roof top,
fingers flick and lashes curl kisses at the sky.

the same, but different
every time.
divinity’s tightrope
through humanity’s train tracks,

for me, the practice of yoga has always sat at the cross streets of divinity and humanity, this poem is about that. what do we come back to? what’s left here, inside when everything falls away, a g a i n ?

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  1. Love this so much!

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