where the ice pops take us

to yesterdays pool water, cloudy & scooped
on todays peachy-parched begonias, dead heads too.
last nights grill for two, scratched clean, orangey grease disposed.
a child’s game of hide-and-seek, after another round of dino jungle,
it’s your turn wavy.
chalk drawn roads for tiny toy cars,
bubbles blown by baby’s breath, dance, delight, float on.
hawks squawk and birds call loud, the aerial hunter, his fast-moving prey.
the shade, cool still.
breezes slight then turn.
july sun already on her way to the top, more ice pops please.
sunflower soldiers stand tall and lean, prepare for bursting, marigolds too-
it’s late in the season she writes then remembers,
out here, the time is always now.

for grayson & waverly

by: stephanie santos-grant


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