poetry & prose by stephanie santos-grant

not the dreamer, but the dream

musings & meanderings

born twice

that’s what she was. not ‘again’ like a christian, god no, but rather like a seed that’s been planted, grown to a seedling and then one day ripped from its root, taken to soil not matching its own, tasked to create life and viability from someone else’s dirt. the first time it happened was on […]


after my adoption was finalized i spent lots of weekend and summer afternoons in the warm glow of a shiny green and gold kitchen two houses down from the rosens. a friendly young girl named jodi lived there with her younger brother, matt and their beloved family dachshund. there were a couple years between matt […]

all souls

the veil is thin, ‘gone’ she said. its absence and presence abound, the worlds are one. she feels it not only in the air or the ether but deep within her earthly bones and buzzing at the surface of her skin. there was that unsettling dream with the crown of her hair missing and then […]

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