poetry & prose by stephanie santos-grant

not the dreamer, but the dream

musings & meanderings

rewiring a house

like pulling bones, from a still live fish without waterthis process is painful and slow goingi am the fish, its scales too. a screwdriver, its undoneness, i knowso too, the severance a pair of needled nose pliers will impartbut the excommunication, the illumination, that’s new. is it true that the energy running through the veins…

pirate’s booty

she sits forward, kneeling to dip a powdered piece of puffed pirate booty into a cup of thick strawberry skyr. just forty years ago the choice was government cheese or powdered milk; it’s not a wonder i went without, often. nothing good comes from bricked cheese that reeks of its cardboard box and plastic or…


can a color choose you?stake claim to your heart, your lifethe way a lover or a child might? it’s interesting to think aboutthat ring of green encircling the brown in your eyes therewho do you suppose chose it?was it you?was it green?was it god?we’ll never know of course, but i love that we’re talking about…

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